This group is for All-Stars (individuals with special needs) who want to attend All-Stars Club. Please look in the subgroups for the specific location you want to attend.

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I had fun at the authentic church All Stars night.
I liked seeing my friends. I also like singing and dancing. My buddy is great. I always like the worship time. I always feel close to God at All Stars. Thank you for this great program. From Shakira
Looking forward to the 2021 Prom.
Kate, We have registered JIll, per your request.
How ready sign up online
Hi Tiffany - Hope you're having a good Autumn! I re-registered Noah Stokes and would like to add him to the waitlist for upcoming events. With summer activities over, he'll have a little more time to participate.
Thank you!! Teri Stokes
Dylan has attended these events previously. I’m not sure how my past login info isn’t correct. Perhaps the new system?
Happy to support the All-Stars Club!