All-Stars Club Donation in partnership with Doctor Fix-It

Doctor Fix-It is proud to support the local nonprofit, All-Stars Club. If you, like us, seek out how to help better our Denver community consider donating to All-Stars Club. This group is near to our hearts as one of our owners was a special education teacher for many (we won’t say how many) years. All-Stars Club aims to provide first-class experiences for individuals with special needs centered on having fun, staying active and making new friends. The monthly hosted event is not only a highlight for the All-Stars themselves but also provides a respite opportunity for parents and caregivers.

Your impact is immediate, please consider donating at any amount to support this organization. Sponsoring your own All-Star is only $20 a month! Pledge $10 a month and Doctor Fix-It will match your donation and also offer our annual priority service plan free, find the inclusions here:


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